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Timeline In The World History Of The Xx Century

Joseph Stalin is regarded as the bloodiest leader in history. In the USSR, he was the dictator. Stalin was coldblooded, cold and hard. He began using the name Stalin in 1910. It is usually interpreted’man with steel’. His image was …

The Importance Of Historiography In Studying History

The word History comes from the Greek istorio, which means investigation, research or exploration. The study of history is the narration of past events and stories. The study of history explains how men have fought the forces of nature for …

Female Liberation And Power In Boccaccio’s “The Decameron”

Table of Contents

This is the start of something new.

The events, developments, and conditions that were happening in history at a particular time.

Historical Literary Text


In conclusion,

An opening

The Decameron”, a medieval masterpiece written by Giovanni …

A Paper On The Renowned Exploration: Lewis And Clark

It would be difficult to comprehend the miniaturized United States and vast frontiers if we looked back 200 years. Men from all over our tiny, developing country had dreams and hopes in these lands. Young and old, skilled and passionate …

How The Followers Of Mark Anthony Opposed His Friendship With Queen Cleopatra As Depicted In William Shakespeare’s Antony And Cleopatra

40BC was the era of power politics, when major rivals were always at war, fighting to achieve their own goals and advance their cause.

When we begin the play, the first opposition that we face is that of Antony’s followers …

Analysis Of The Case Of Jack The Ripper Through A Criminological Lens

Table of Contents


This is an introduction to my work.

Mary Ann Nichols

Anne Chapman

Elizabeth Stride

Catherine Eddowes

Mary Jane Kelly

Jack the Ripper’s Other Potential Victims

Jack the Ripper’s First Thoughts

Behavioral and psychological profile

Aaron Kosminski…

The Role Of Benjamin Banneker And Paul Cuffe In The Antislavery Movement

Many freedmen had an abolitionist bent and made a huge impact on slavery in the antebellum time. Benjamin Banneker or Paul Cuffe, to name just a couple of notable freedmen in the slavery era. They took up their cause and …

The Long-term Consequences Of Christopher Columbus’ Encounters

The European countries were interested in gaining power and expanding their empire. They competed to become the most powerful nation and improve their economic life. In order to become the largest European country they colonized America. Christopher Columbus (Italian) was …

The Similarities Between Events In The Crucible And The Holocaust

Imagine the feeling of being thrown in a prison cell and waiting for your death. Over the course of history, certain groups have been persecuted because they are who they claim to be, or are perceived to be. Salem witch …

Women’s Roles In Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

Egyptian and Mesopotamian women’s roles and family life share many similarities, but also some differences. Both cultures have women who are the heart of their families, a mother or wife. Egyptian women are more powerful in their roles as women …

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