Many freedmen had an abolitionist bent and made a huge impact on slavery in the antebellum time. Benjamin Banneker or Paul Cuffe, to name just a couple of notable freedmen in the slavery era. They took up their cause and helped to move the antislavery campaign forward.

Benjamin Banneker grew up in Banneky Farm. He was born November 9, 1731. He was a mathematician. He was taught to read by his grandmother. He was interested in science and mathematics. He taught himself to do astronomy. Banneker constructed a highly accurate wooden timepiece by hand. As his only models, he used a pocketwatch as well as a picture. It was thought that this clock was the first to be made in America. Benjamin Banneker was also correct in his prediction of a solar Eclipse. This prediction was contrary to those of many well-known scientists. He did all the calculations for an annual almanac. Banneker gave Jefferson his almanac. Jefferson was very impressed by his work. The almanac was sent to the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris. The almanac displayed the talents and skills of African Americans. Abolitionists used the almanac to show African Americans’ talents and abilities. Then, they are able to contribute to the society just as well as whites. He changed many people’s views towards African Americans. Benjamin Banneker was born in Baltimore on September 9, 1731.

Paul Cuffe was born at Cuttyhunk Island in Maryland on January 17,1759. He was a merchant, shipowner and Pan-Africanist. He was a wealthy African American. Ruth Moses, who was African American, and Kofi, a slave, gave birth to him. Paul Cuffe was an American Revolutionary War privateer. Alice Pequit married him. Together, they had ten kids. He wanted African settlements to be established and trade routes developed. He encouraged black migration. Paul Cuffe campaigned to raise money for the relocation of black settlers from Sierra Leone. He sought to assist African Americans but accepted assistance from the white community. He became a member of the Society of Friends. This is a Christian Quaker organization. His faith was a driving force in his advocacy for African Americans. He donated his wealth for the benefit of others. He helped revitalize Africa. He founded The Friendly Society of Sierra Leone. He brought many African Americans to Sierra Leone. He wrote “The Memoir of Captain Paul Cuffee”. Paul Cuffe was determined to return to Sierra Leone many times to help relocate African Americans. Unfortunately, his life’s work would have to end. He died at Westport in Maryland on 7 September 1817. He was buried at a Society of Friends Cemetery.

The anti-slavery movement in the antebellum era was greatly influenced by African American freedmen. The abolitionists were encouraged by them and the African Americans’ perceptions changed. In later years, they were responsible for the emancipation.


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