Imagine the feeling of being thrown in a prison cell and waiting for your death. Over the course of history, certain groups have been persecuted because they are who they claim to be, or are perceived to be. Salem witch trials in the 1600s wrongly accused innocent people. The Holocaust is one of humanity’s most notorious genocides. The similarities between the two situations are shocking, despite the fact that they have many differences.

Abigail Williams is able to hear and speak in The Crucible. “I heard Goody Hawkins talking with the Devil!” Miller (48). As soon as she spoke, warrants were issued to those accused. Power stability is essential for a functioning society. If the president was given all the powers, he’d be able do whatever he wants and use them to his advantage. Abigail was able to decide which person should be charged with witchery. Abigail took advantage of her power.

History has shown that it is easy to blame someone for a conflict. Adolf Hitler felt Jews were responsible for the entire world’s problems. Hitler was in a position to execute over six millions Jews. He could accomplish anything, because he was on the side of the Germans. Abigail also did this when she spread witch rumors and got others to back her up. Abigail needed to be the leader for others. She was able to control many people. Abigail Williams was able to convince others of falsehoods, just like Adolf Hitler. Both had the same goal, which was to get someone killed, tried, or for people to believe their nonsense.

Adolf Hitler, like Abigail, discriminated against those who did not conform to society’s norms. In both cases, the victims were blamed for being outsiders. Hitler tried to wipe out the Jewish community because of their differing religious beliefs. He preyed on crippled children and those with mental disabilities before the Holocaust. His belief was that disabled people were not deserving of living. Salem’s witches were selected because of their lifestyle. Goody Good, Goody Osburn and other people who had bad reputations in town were accused of witchcraft. Elizabeth Proctor denied being a Witch when she was accused. The lifestyles of these two women was highlighted. In both instances, people who lived lives that did not conform to the standard were persecuted.

During Salem’s witch trials more than 200 people faced accusations and 20 of them were put to death. Families suffered and were forever changed. What happened for a whole year changed lives forever

In both instances, the victims had committed no crime. Both the witch trials and The Holocaust show how people are scapegoated by others for crimes they did not commit. In both cases, societies allowed atrocities without stopping them until they became too drastic. Each horrific event was designed to purify society by eliminating all those who did not fit in. The Holocaust and The Crucible will be etched in the minds of people and inspire them to fight for their beliefs.


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