Watch: Florida Teen Asks Girlfriend to Homecoming Dance, and the World Goes Wild — ‘Down Syndrome Does Not Limit Them’

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Two high school sweethearts captured the hearts of not only America, but the entire world when their simple homecoming date request went viral.

David Cowan, a senior at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida, went to a football game at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs with flowers and a poster. Saris Garcia, his girlfriend and a cheerleader at Lake Brantley High, was there.

In front of the crowd, David got down on one knee and asked, "Will you go to homecoming with me?" Saris, filled with excitement, screamed "Yes!"

This moment would have been special regardless, but what makes it even more heartwarming is the fact that David and Saris both have Down syndrome. Their pure joy and happiness is truly a delight to witness.

David and Saris first met when they were 3 years old at a speech therapist’s office, according to Although they moved a few times, they remained close friends. Their families also became close, ensuring that the two participated in Special Olympics together and had fun at the beach, just like any other kids in Florida.

Now, at the ages of 19 and 18, David and Saris live near each other and attend neighboring high schools. While their parents are unsure of exactly when they started dating, they have always had a special connection. As they grew older, their relationship blossomed, and they began expressing their love and care for each other.

Their families want others to know that David and Saris are just like any other couple. They fall in love and aspire to have fulfilling lives. Down syndrome doesn’t limit them.

Sophia, David’s 16-year-old sister, accompanied him when he bought the supplies and helped him create the poster, as reported by Today. David’s mother, Marilyn Cowan, was there in the stands, cheerfully supporting him. According to CNN, she and Wanda Cruz, Saris’s mother, wrote in a joint email, "He was so excited and dancing in the bleachers." Cruz captured the moment on video, which has gained over 1 million views on Facebook.

In the video, David walks along the sidelines, holding flowers and a sign that reads, "Will you be my sunshine to homecoming?" The crowd cheers and applauds when Saris gives him the answer he was hoping for, and he raises his arms in victory.

Saris’s mother expressed her gratitude for inclusion programs that allow her daughter to be fully integrated into the school culture and participate in events like homecoming, just like any other student.

This heartwarming story of David and Saris reminds us that love transcends any limitations or disabilities. They serve as an inspiration to all, showing that true love knows no boundaries.

Upon arrival at the dance, the applause for the young couple did not cease. Principal Jordan Rodriguez extended a warm invitation for them to join him on stage, in the presence of a supportive crowd.

"I have the pleasure of introducing some very special guests," stated Rodriguez in a YouTube video documenting the dance. "They are not only esteemed within Seminole High School, but they have gained recognition on a national level."



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