In the coming week, there is a possibility of a strike by hundreds of thousands of delivery drivers and warehouse workers across the country. This strike has the potential to disrupt important shipments for school districts as they prepare for the new school year. The Teamsters union, which represents UPS drivers in all 50 states, has set a deadline for an agreement with UPS regarding increased pay and improved safety measures. If an agreement is not reached by next week, all of these workers will go on strike, as previously authorized by 97 percent of the union’s members.

The impact on school districts is expected to be significant and problematic. As districts gear up for the new school year, the disruption caused by the strike could have ripple effects. Rick Gay, executive director of business services for the Fort Bend school district in Texas, mentioned that the supply chain is still recovering from the effects of COVID. With this strike, the situation is likely to worsen. August is usually the busiest month for purchasing school supplies, and any disruption to the supply chain could lead to delays and increased costs for essential items like paper, textbooks, and cleaning supplies.

Teachers, instructional aides, and bus drivers are no strangers to strikes over pay disputes. However, the UPS strike would be different as it would be the largest strike by a single company’s workers in US history. It would also be the first strike by UPS workers since 1997, before e-commerce became popular. While distributors may switch to other carriers like FedEx or USPS, these alternatives may become overburdened since UPS packages make up a significant portion of deliveries in the country. School districts heavily rely on UPS for their shipments, and if the strike disrupts this, it could cause significant issues for them.

District leaders have limited control over this situation, and it is a cause for concern. Vendors who are unprepared for a strike could slow down the entire delivery process. For example, the Parkrose school district in Oregon receives a significant portion of its shipments from UPS. Although the district tries to stockpile some items in advance, important items like toilet paper and paper towels cannot be stockpiled and could run out early in the school year if there is no regular delivery schedule.

It is unclear how exactly the strike will impact schools until it actually happens. The sudden disruption of shipments will undoubtedly create confusion and uncertainty in the process of procuring necessary materials for school buildings.

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