A person who has the power to alter the behavior or course events, is known as power. A peaceful society and safe living are possible only when you have the power to do so. People can use power for good or bad. However, others may use power to harm others. Arthur Miller, a 1953 playwright, wrote The Crucible. Abigail, the play’s protagonist, is given power to prosecute witchcraft-practicing people. This illustrates how dangerous power can become when it’s misused.

The Crucible is about 1692 Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. During these trials, people were accused of witchcraft. They were given only two options: to confess or to be hanged. Abigail, a 17-year-old girl plays a prominent part in the play. Reverend Parris was Abigail’s aunt. She had previously been a servant. They were loudly dancing. Parris, who was passing by, heard them. Parris spotted them and ran after them. Parris and Abigail were home together when Abigail told Parris that they were dancing. Parris told Abigail that he thought he saw someone naked running through trees. Abigail denies this and states, “No one wasn’t naked!” Uncle, you are making a mistake! Parris is anxious about his good reputation being destroyed and insists that it was he who saw it. Parris was convinced that Abigail had not denied the claims, but he was still skeptical.

Betty Parris was still asleep the next day. Ruth Putnam, a girl from the same town, was also unresponsive. It was thought that this happened due to the events of the previous night in the woods. Reverend Hale, a Beverly priest, came to Salem to inspect the girls because of his vast knowledge about witchcraft. They then question the girls about their dancing, and they insist it has nothing to do witchcraft. Reverend Hale next asks Abigail if she saw the devil with Sarah Good. Abigail answered, “I was with Sarah Good with Satan!” Goody Obsburn and the Devil I saw! Bridget Bishop and her Devil friend were my witnesses!” Sarah Goody, and Goody Ozburn were outcasts from the community and Abigail was quick to target them. Bridget Bishop was added to the list. She would become the first person executed following the Salem Witch Trials. Abigail realises at this point that she is able to condemn anyone she wants. Bridget Bishop and Goody Obsburn were then taken into custody.

She was able, and will be able, to accuse someone else of conspiring with the devil. The accused were forced to choose between defending themselves and confessing. Abigail and her other girls lied to more than 100 people.

Abigail is an example where power can be taken to the head. She was able to use power by telling lies, and then she used it against others to ruin lives and name reputations. The misuse of power can cause the death or destruction of lives. This can also occur in the real-world, as Abigail demonstrates.


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